MAC Cinderella + Erin Condren

Oh my word, it’s been SO long since I last posted! I keep getting busy and the last week or so I’ve been sick. Anyway, I have so much to post on that I’ll have to split it in two posts. First up is the MAC Cinderella collection! I actually forgot it was going on sale and so I was only able to get the eye shadow collection. Which is better than nothing! It’s really a lovely collection. And I love it’s packaging.


It’s of course in the Cinderella blue and lined with gold.


unnamed (34)The shades didn’t all come across as well as I would like…. the bottom right is a deep shimmery purple.

unnamed (36)

The shades from top left to bottom right: Vapor, Phloof, Omega, Quarry, Satin Taupe, and Stroke of Midnight.

unnamed (31)

I just love the shimmery Cinderella blue!

I also bought an Erin Condren Life Planner. I’ve seen lots of other TIU girls with them and loved how cute they were and thought I might try one out myself. We’ll see how I like it.

unnamed (17)unnamed (3)unnamed (13)It arrived in a cute little box and had a few extras on top of stickers and gift tags!

unnamed (12)unnamed (33)They had it wrapped in bubble wrap which was nice to ensure it wasn’t damaged.

unnamed (7)I opted for one of the foil planners, which of course is more expensive. (my typical expensive taste) I love this one because it reminds me of Tiffany’s. You can personalize it with your name or whatever you’d like. The foils come with a band to keep it together. It also has a clear ruler… I’ve decided not to use it as it’s a little difficult to move around.

unnamed (6)unnamed (16)unnamed (30)The foils also come with the extra top sheet with shimmery dots.

unnamed (15)It has nice inspirational quotes all throughout as well.

unnamed (29)unnamed (25)unnamed (35)The EC planners give you a month view and then a weekly view. In the weekly view is split up by morning, day, and night. It also has space for weekly goals and other things you might want to include.

unnamed (8)unnamed (11)It also comes with stickers for different events. Birthdays, appointments, games, days off, etc.

unnamed (37)unnamed (38)unnamedCW699L8LI bought some Washi tape at Hobby Lobby to add some cuteness! And I’ve bought a few stickers and more precut Washi tape on Etsy. I also bought pretty colored Sharpie pens. A pricey thing to start really!

unnamed (18)unnamed (32)unnamed (40)It has a Keep It Together folder in the back which holds a perpetual calendar and anything else you might want to keep in there.

unnamed (10)unnamed (22)unnamed (24)Finally it also comes with all these. A plastic zip bag with more gift tags and stickers, cards and paper clips, and there’s several note sheets in the back.

So far I’m really enjoying using it and putting all my cute stuff in it. We’ll see how long it lasts and if I can keep it up! If you’re interested in buying something from Erin Condren use this referral link to get $10 off –> 

Next blog post will be on my March Birchbox and a couple of Incoco sets!


Rent the Runway Birchbox

As promised, here is finally a more cheery post on my last Birchbox! I’m actually really loving Birchbox again. I cancelled it last year when I was getting other full size product boxes and got bored with it. Well I resubbed in December when I heard that Tone It Up was curating a Birchbox! Ever since, I’ve been falling back in love with Birchbox. It’s a fun, cheap way to treat yourself each month. I’m also really loving that now they’re allowing you to choose a specially curated box or one of your samples. So far, I’ve chosen my curators. Obviously I picked Tone It Up for January. This month, I picked Rent the Runway. They actually show you what samples you’ll be getting from the curators. I love that! I like surprises, but I also like knowing what’s coming my way. Anyway, here is what I received this month!

rtrbbboxSeriously, how gorgeous is this box? I’ve really been loving the boxes I’ve gotten and have been keeping them. I figure they would make great boxes for gifts!

rtrbbI really like what I got this month!


The Rent the Runway box was themed ‘It’s All in the Details’.

productcardApparently I have to type something under photos right after I insert them to be able to type anything where I want to type. Anyone else have issues with this? It’s getting frustrating! Moving on…

dermaeDerma E Anti Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub… I have too many scrubs/washes currently and didn’t feel a need for anti wrinkle, so I gave this to my coworker.

fekkaiOne of my favorite products in the box! Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo. So, apparently my hair has changed as I’ve gotten older and I can go a day without washing my hair. It used to be that my hair would be oily and gross every morning. Not so anymore! I can actually do second day hair now as long as I don’t work out the night before (ew). Third day hair is different story. Anyway, so I’ve been learning to love dry shampoo! I just bought a big bottle of Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo aaand…. I’m not impressed. Good thing it was only a few bucks. I received some Klorane dry shampoo from the TIU box and it’s not bad. However, when I tried Fekkai I fell in love! It smells great and works wonderfully! I was planning on buying a large bottle at Target as they do sell Fekkai products. But apparently not this one. Guess I’ll have to use Birchbox to get my full size!

notsoapNot Soap, Radio. I guess this is a bubble bath and a body wash. I haven’t tried it as a bubble bath yet. That’s in my plans…. as a body wash I’m not impressed. It smells really great! But doesn’t lather very well. It’s also supposed to be a pheromone activation soap. I haven’t noticed a difference so far. Lol

sumitaSumita Color Contrast Eyeliner. I love this! It’s a blue shade and looks so pretty. It also goes on smoothly. Love!

thebalmglossThe Balm Read My Lips gloss in Bam! It’s ‘fortified with antioxidant rich ginseng’. It’s also really pretty. Love it! I have one other product from The Balm which I love as well. Betty-Lou Manizer. It’s a highlighting powder. Anyway, I really love The Balm and would love to try more of their products!

I also received a $30 off coupon code for an order over $75 at Rent the Runway. Doubtful that I’ll use it as I don’t have anything to wear an outfit like that to. But I’ll check out the site anyway. And next Birchbox post I’ll try to remember to SWATCH! =)

Care to try out Birchbox? Use this link –>

Some Honesty…

I’ve decided to share some honest thoughts tonight. Honest thoughts about being a girl without a dad in her life. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still alive and every now and again we talk. But it’s nothing involved. I debated sharing this all week in fear that I’m opening up too much or being too whiny. But I think sharing might be somewhat of a therapy for me.

Most of my life I’ve dreamed of having a dad who truly was involved in my life. A dad who really seemed like he cared about what was going on in my life. One that wanted to spend time with me. When I was little it seems like my dad was very involved in my life. We seemed close and things seemed normal. At least, that’s what I assume from videos and photos. As I got older we had more trouble getting along and I grew closer to my mom. When I was in high school my parents got divorced. Why? Basically my dad chose another family over us. The pain from that was unimaginable and something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. If he had passed it would be sad and painful, but it wouldn’t have been his choice. He chose to leave. Rejection from the one man who is supposed to always be there for you. For quite some time I didn’t want to be around my dad really. I couldn’t believe he would do that to us. As  I got older, I felt like I was able to forgive him. Not that I ever forget what happened or that the pain is ever really less. But I don’t feel like I’m harboring any ill will or grudges. We really hadn’t talked much and certainly not spent time together in years. Recently he came back into our lives. His marriage was falling apart, his brother had died, and maybe we (or more like my mom) seemed like a comfortable place to land. My mom was open to being friendly to him and talking to him, but nothing more. She encouraged him to get his relationship right with God and with me. I really was worried about him and his emotional state and felt myself opening up to him again in hopes that maybe things would be different now. He seemed more interested in trying to spend time with my mom than with me. I suggested lunch or dinner only to be put off. But I kept on. I invited him to spend Thanksgiving with us which he did. Rather than help with dishes, my mom suggested I spend time talking with my dad. I sat at the table only to listen to stories about himself. Not once was there a question about what was going on in my life. Even after that, I kept on. I invited him to church with us. He came several times and gave me hugs when he got there. I gave him a homemade Christmas gift and surprisingly he got me a gift card. Past that, there was nothing. Each time I felt the walls building back up. Last weekend I found out he moved and found someone new. He wants me to meet her and suggested lunch. I can’t help feeling hurt by this. Hurt by the fact that once again this meeting wouldn’t be because of me or a desire to spend time with me. It would be about him. Also that weekend, part of the sermon was to dads and how they should be with their children (one part about with daughters). And there sure seemed to be a lot of commercials during the Super Bowl about dads.  It’s painful.

Even when I was little I wished my dad was different. The exact example is the Steve Martin version of Father of the Bride. Sure he was goofy and by no means perfect. But boy, he really loved his daughter. Speaking of weddings, sometimes I wonder if the reason I’m not married is because I’m a little afraid. Afraid he’ll leave. Afraid he’ll treat me badly. I know my level of trust of men isn’t very high. I tend to expect them to leave. To not follow through. To not care. Luckily I have a Heavenly Father who will never let me down and never leave. I have an amazing mom who is always there for me. Wonderful other family members, friends, and coworkers.

Thanks for listening. For letting me vent. I’ll post a more cheery post soon about my latest Birchbox!

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes…

…when you’re fast asleep. If that’s true, then apparently my heart wants to be BFFs with Taylor Swift. Which honestly, is quite true. I had quite the dream about Taylor last night that I have to share. I know Kristi will appreciate this. I don’t remember all of it, but I do know I won a contest to spend an evening with Taylor at her house. She gave me a tour of the house and I remember being really impressed with her bedroom. Then  I asked if I could FaceTime my Oklahoma BFF Kristi because she would love this and also loves Taylor. Of course she said yes. But poor Kristi didn’t answer, so we were going to record a video message for her. But Taylor didn’t like the original one she did, so it didn’t happen. So the next thing we did was make a Target run. Because why wouldn’t we? She met some fans and we went back to her house which seemed to be connected to Target. Why wouldn’t it be? Haha I told Taylor again how much I loved her room and asked if I could take pics for Kristi (I was clearly very concerned about Kristi being in the know here!!) She said of course I could. At this point I was just so excited about it all and asked if I could meet her cats. And as she did all dream long, she said of course. I remember a lot of laughter and that we got along really well, like we really were friends! Then I watched her film a commercial before my alarm light went off. I mean clearly Taylor and I would get along swimmingly and I think the obvious things to do would be go to Target and talk about cats.

Other things…. my coworker and I finally tried the Violent Lips that were given to us. We took some lunch time recently to try them. The results were………….. interesting to say the least. Here’s photo evidence of what happened. kelmarlips2kelmarlipskelmarclock


They were really bizarre feeling. And I felt like I needed lip balm really badly. She removed hers first. marilynlips Doesn’t that look great? Lol Then this happened to mine.

kellylips2kellylips3 They stuck together! Sooo unless there’s a better way to do these…. I don’t recommend them! However, I do think my coworker and I should have our own show as it’d be quite entertaining. The Kelmar Show. Yes. It’d be gold. GOLD, JERRY! (any Seinfeld fans???)

Finally I’ve discovered this lovely online boutique called The Mint Julep Boutique. I’ve bought two things from so far.


I have a few other pieces I’m considering. But can’t decide what to get. What do y’all think?

1476249_810215955719387_4976314595245221848_n The first two pieces on this photo….

Story Of My Life Skirt, Pink/Teal  This skirt. (which I’d wear with black leggings and I’m not sure what top. Suggestions?)

This site is so dangerous for me! They have new arrivals twice daily. And basically I want it all. I just think of that song on Tangled by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: ‘I want somethin’ that I want, somethin’ that I tell myself I need. I want somethin’ that I want and I need everything I see.’ Oy.

Dreaming of all the money in the world to fund my new addiction……

What’s In A Name?


I finally decided to start up a blog again. I originally had one on Blogger for all things nails and beauty called Polished Glamour. This time around I decided I wanted to leave it open to talk about whatever I wanted. My sub boxes, nails, clothes, shows, whatever. The problem was what to name it! I consulted my two best friends on the matter and they both had great ideas! Finally tonight I decided on a name. Once Upon a Dream. Why? First, I’m always dreaming. Always. Of the future. Of what could be. Of things I know will never happen. Second, I love Disney. All things Disney! I love fairy tales and the idea of happily ever after. I’m all about it! And it leaves my blog open to whatever I want. Perfect!

What is there to know about me? I’m a Christ following single Kansas girl dreaming of love and travel. A lover of animals, particularly cats. I’m also a Tone It Up girl working hard on getting the fit body I’m dreaming of! I love subscription boxes, history, British culture, classic movies, and trying new styles. Just a girl trying to find her way in the world.